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Go Module Proxy

Go recently gained proper dependency management with the addition of innovative module support in the toolchain. This is a great step forward in the Go ecosystem, but it comes with some challenges for enterprise software development. As of Go 1.13, every go get defaults to fetching packages from a Google managed open source module proxy. This is great for open source development.

But you’re an enterprise

And your developers:

  • Require high quality repeatable builds
  • Have guidelines about which software packages are allowed (such as MIT OK, GPL not)
  • Have private modules that aren’t available at the public mirror

And your business & engineering leads:

  • Prefer that module mirrors and upstream repositories can’t gain insights about your software and development process from looking at their logs
  • Prefer business relationships with contractually guaranteed trust

The Golang Labs Module Proxy solves these problems

We offer a commercial service that:

  • Provides a module proxy that is private and tunable for your organization
  • Keeps your private module information from leaking outside your organization
  • Enables your builds to always have access to the exact version of the upstream module that you built against, even if the upstream source repository is modified or goes away
  • Provides the ability to limit public modules by repository source, license type, and more
  • Provides metrics and analytics to track module usage

See Features for more info.

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